Art of design

My passion are images and design. Since early age I like to capture moments with my camera and adore to paint with color and light. Ocean and wildlife are my inspiration. To create beautiful sceneries and handcrafted products by recycling and reducing, puts me into the flow. My intention is to follow the „leave no traces but good energy“ – philosophy and focus on minimalism. Living a conscious back to basic life by the ocean trying to protect what I love by creating and using things in a mindful way to make this world a better place is my key to happiness.

Art of movement

I’ve always loved traveling, but no trip has had such a lasting impact on my life as the one to Sri Lanka in 2003, just before graduating from the University of Art. This travel not only gave me some impressive photo shoots, but also made me discover my passion for yoga and surfing. Since then I’ve constantly deepened my practice with the guidance of various teachers and by listening to my own body. Combining the benefits of yoga and surfing creates perfect synergies and both are a playful meditation in movement deeply connecting body and soul with nature. I try to support my body with healthy delicious slow food and love to prepare and share recipes and meals with friends and familiy. Lately I dive deeper into the enriching science of Ayurveda and medicinal herbs.