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Less is more

Quality over quantity is my declared goal in the age of overstimulation and interchangeability. Reduction to the essential and concentration on the usability of things. In terms of design, be it product design or graphics, photography or architecture, I prefer clear lines. The art of design lies in transporting complex contents or functions as understandably and attractively as possible. As much as necessary, as little as possible. Good design puts things in a nutshell „reduced to the max“, facilitates orientation, is easy and practical to use and delights the senses. Built on sustainability, skilful design stands out in a refreshingly sensible, sensual and resource-saving way from the often faceless and irresponsible mass production.

Inspiration for original design I find in the beauty and diversity of nature. In my work, I prefer the use of natural colors and shapes, ecofriendly produced or recycled and durable materials.